The Team

  • Jane is Founder and CEO, and is involved in every aspect of Anatomy Land’s content creation and production.
  • Milo’s Academy is incubated by Liknon, Inc. and is advised by Liknon’s CEO, Jon
  • Lokesh, Executive Creative Director, is one of the earliest members of the team. He continues to oversee in-house efforts across all departments, while refining the creative process. He collaborates with Jane to write and edit scripts, critique illustrations and anatomy, and contribute to the overall video production operations.
  • Jimmy is part of the Leadership team as the Director of the Art Department. He oversees the execution of each and every illustration, while managing the style and content from storyboarding to computer illustration. His team is composed of Sara, Jasmine, and Shannon, our imaginative Illustrators. With distinctive styles, their smoothly-integrated storyboards look like products of professional illustrators, belying the talent wielded by these undergraduates! They aptly illustrate the team’s shared enthusiasm for Anatomy Land and expertly represent our creativity in visual art. Every amazing illustration is a result of multiple revisions, carefully thought out by the Art Department and Leadership.
  • Edith is part of the Leadership team as the Director of the Production Department. She oversees the video production process from voice-over delivery to video completion, ensuring that the content from scripts and illustrations are translated into the most optimal visual medium. Having been part of Anatomy Land since she was an undergraduate student, Edith is adept at managing both our outsourced and in-house Production team. Jesus, our professional in-house videographer is the primary videographer at Milo’s Academy. His exact attention to detail and collaborative manners makes for an excellent combination to expand Anatomy Land. Together, Edith and Jesus seamlessly assemble our multi-departmental collaborations into a professional video, showcasing the culmination of 300-400 man hours of work per video. Every video is the product of a continuous evolution process based on findings from market testing sessions.
  • Nicole is part of the Leadership Team as Editor in Chief of the Composition Department. Her hybrid background in both Biology and English has prepared her well for a leadership role in creative writing and science education. She is responsible for overseeing the entire writing and editing process at Anatomy Land, assisted by her team of star script writers, Isabella, Dorothy, and Alex L. The writers have all begun their journey with Anatomy Land during their undergraduate years. Dorothy, Isabella, and Alex have blazed through writing many of the scripts at Anatomy Land, and focus on composing memorable stories. Their scripts are original and reflect excellence in creative writing. The leadership team’s thorough input is evident in every perfected script. Isabella, one of our earliest and most dedicated members of Anatomy Land, also contributes to the Production Department as the subtitler.
  • Alex T. is our professional Anatomist in the Anatomy Department. Joining Anatomy Land at the most critical time to closely review and edit curriculum and anatomy content, his extensive gross anatomy and neuroanatomy teaching experience is well-infused throughout all scripts. Angie is our Anatomy Illustrator. Her creativity and knowledge comes from combining her creative talents and studying medicine in Italy. Angie wears multiple hats at Milo’s Academy, where her unique experiences in UI/UX design and entrepreneurship enables her to lead Anatomy Land’s quiz design and marketing efforts.
  • Sarah, Shannon, and Colleen make up our Technology and Design Department. Shannon, besides being an illustrator, is also our Webmaster. She is the designated communicator between the server team and the rest of Milo’s Academy. She is imperative in regularly maintaining and updating the Anatomy Land website. Sarah is our UI/UX designer and quiz content creator. She has a background in both design and education, which makes her an outstanding candidate for her creative role. Colleen, our UI/UX expert, is the sole contributor for the Milo’s Academy website. With Milo’s Academy’s expanding team, she regularly updates the website to reflect the company’s current status.
  • Milo’s Academy is always happy to meet with talented writers, artists, educators, videographers who have a passion for teaching. For opportunities, please check us out at